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The BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force provides this website as a resource to everyone who is teaching, learning and promoting Outdoor Ethics in Scouting.

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* Applying Outdoor Ethics in Your Unit, District and Council
Sept 13-19, 2015, Philmont Training Center
Particularly designed for Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates.
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* Order of the Arrow 100th Anniversary
This year the OA celebrates its centennial with special events and awards.
ArrowTour is visiting Scout Councils across the country.
The Arrowman Service Award is a special 2015-only award, and one of the possible requirements for earning it is the Hornaday Award.
Outdoor Ethics folks are encouraged to work with their council conservation committee and OA Lodge to use this OA award and the 100th anniversary to promote the Hornaday award. One possibility would be a table/display with info on the awards at the ArrowTour in your council.
* Your OE Training Course in Our Calendar
Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates are encouraged to submit their council's OE training courses for listing on our training calendars.
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Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award Patch
* Missing! - Outdoor Ethics Contacts
There are many OE Contacts (LNT Master Educators and Council/Area Outdoor Ethics Advocates) in our database without a valid email address.
Please check the list and let us know if you know their current email.
* LNT Master Educator Courses
See the ME Course page for the list of approved courses for 2015.
* Master Educator Refresher Course
"Brush up" on your LNT skills, administrative protocols, teaching techniques, etc.
MEs must take this course every 2 years in order to be the lead instructor at a LNT Trainer Course.
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* New Website
Let us know what information you'd like to see on this website.

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