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The BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force provides this website as a resource to everyone who is teaching, learning and promoting Outdoor Ethics in Scouting.

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* 2016 BSA OE Conference
BSA National Outdoor Ethics Conference
October 6-8, 2016 - Save The Date
Hosted by BSA Western Region
* Applying Outdoor Ethics in Your Unit, District and Council
Week 11: August 14-20, 2016, Philmont Training Center
Particularly designed for Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates.
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* LNT Master Educator Courses
We had lots of great ME courses in 2015! Thanks to everyone who helped make these a possibility and to those who attended!
It's Time - Get your applications in to host a 2016 ME course.
We already have some 2016 courses listed, and will add more to our ME Course page as they are approved.
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* Your OE Training Course in Our Calendar
Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates are encouraged to submit their council's OE training courses for listing on our training calendars.
* Master Educator Refresher Course
"Brush up" on your LNT skills, administrative protocols, teaching techniques, etc.
MEs must take this course every 2 years in order to be the lead instructor at a LNT Trainer Course.
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* New Website
Let us know what information you'd like to see on this website.

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