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2016 BSA National Outdoor Ethics Conference

Evening General Sessions

Past, Present and Future of BSA Outdoor Ethics
Special Recognitions

Daytime General Sessions

  • Updates from the Leave No Trace Center and agencies (USFS, NPS, BLM, Utah State Parks)
  • The Leave No Trace for Every Kid Curriculum
    Learn about the new Leave No Trace for Every Kid curriculum. Understand how the curriculum components interrelate to create the most robust Leave No Trace youth education and programming resource to date. Lastly, gain insight into the curriculum's rollout plan in the scouting community in 2017.
  • Leave No Trace in Every Park
    What would our shared public lands look like if every visitor was imbued with an outdoor ethic as part of their visit? Leave No Trace in Every Park aims to accomplish this by beginning at the source, the lands themselves. Learn more about the Center's efforts to ensure a Leave No Trace presence at every park, forest, and protected area across the country and how the BSA can play an integral role in this long term initiative.

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National Park Service - 100 Years
US Forest Service

Saturday Afternoon Short Topics, Activities

(Planned - tweaks still in progress)
  • Craig Allen - Utah State Advocate for Leave No Trace, Backcountry Horsemen of Utah. If you haven't heard Craig's presentation, this is one you won't want to miss. Craig has a great message about how we can all get along better in the outdoors.
  • Hammock Camping LNT Aspects
  • Women's LNT Considerations
  • Your OE Elevator Speech - Your Scout Exec, Scouters, Others
  • The Art of Catholing
  • The OE-BSA Website - Your Resource - Overview and suggestions
  • Leave No Trace theme Camporees or other large scale district / council events
  • OE at University Of Scouting
  • Green Fire movie (Aldo Leopold)
  • Critter-Proofing
  • Leave No Trace Trail / Cubs
  • Displays and Agency Booths

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