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2016 BSA National Outdoor Ethics Conference

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration / Shirts / Patches

Q:   How can I change my class selections?
A:Scroll to the bottom of the Registration Instructions page for change instructions.
Q:What is the conference shirt?
A: It is a soft synthetic performance polo with the conference patch embroidered on the chest.
Q:Can I buy an extra conference shirt or conference patches?
A: Sorry - the deadline for purchasing extra shirts or patches was Sept 5th.
Q:Will you have extra conference shirts or patches available for sale at the conference?
A: No - You had to pre-order them by Sept 5th.


Q:How big is the Lodge?
A: The main room at the lodge (aka Training Center) has a capacity of 250 people.
Meals and combined sessions will be in the main room. Breakout classes will also be in classrooms at the Lodge, at the Nature Lodge, and some outside areas.
Q:How big is the camp - how far will I have to walk?
A: This is a relatively small camp. The housing is all within a couple hundred yards of the main lodge.
As shown on the map, there are many tent sites. We will use the sites closer to the lodge (not just site #8 which is pointed out on the map).
A: The Training Center has restrooms.
The showers are centrally located (at the swimming pool).
There are bathrooms relatively close to each housing/camping area.
Q:Is everything handicap accessible?
A: Most facilities are accessible. The exception is the upstairs classrooms in the Training Center, since it does not have an elevator. Please let us know if you require accessibility.
Q:How many people in each cabin and tent?
A: The cabins have bunk beds for 12-16 people.
The platform tents have cots and accommodate 2-3 people.
Q:How will I know where I'm staying and where to park?
A: When you arrive, park in the Training Center parking area and come inside to check in. We'll have your information, including a camp map detailing where you will be staying if on-site and where to park, your class schedule, an overall conference schedule, and a bag containing your shirt, patch, and ID. Then you can go park and set up.
Q:Can I sleep in my hammock?
A: There should be plenty of suitable trees in the tent areas. Please follow proper LNT practices to protect the trees. Make sure you have good insulation under/around you - it gets cold at night.
Q:Is there cell phone coverage or wifi at the camp?
A: The cell coverage at Camp Tracy is spotty.
The WiFi is very limited and is not available for general use, just for conference-related use by staff and maybe presenters.
Q:Proximity to city/shopping?
A: The nearest shopping center is less than 3 miles away (6 minutes driving, 45 minute walk) back down the canyon.


Q:Should I expect typical scout camp meals?
A: Expect more! "Chef Dan" Saito is planning and preparing the meals.
In addition to having been the Executive Chef at several top restaurants, Chef Dan has volunteered as the camp food coordinator in the San Diego-Imperial Council, and is an Eagle Scout.
Google "Executive Chef Dan Saito" for more information. (He has even appeared on Food Network.)
Q:How are you handling special dietary needs?
A: We will publish the menu when it is finalized (soon).
If you have special dietary needs, please:
  • Look over the menu to determine what you can/can't eat.
  • Plan to bring your own supplementary food if necessary. (There is a grocery store less than 3 miles from camp.)
Q:If I have to bring some of my own food where can I cook and store it?
A: The camp kitchen will not be available for individual use and personal food cannot be stored in the camp's refrigerators.
There will be a covered outdoor area where you can cook. We will have a couple camp stoves to share or you can bring your own.
If you have perishable food, please bring your own cooler if possible. We will have a couple coolers to share and will provide a wildlife-proof place to store your food.

Family Trip

Q:My spouse and I are both attending. Can we stay together?
A: Married couples can stay together in their own tent or RV/popup/etc, or off-site. There are no cabins or platform tents available for couples (check availability after Sept 15).
Q:My spouse wants to come along, but not participate in the conference.
A: Spouses are welcome to come along:
Option 1: Spouse stays and eats off-site.
  • (Not at camp - no charge)
Option 2: Spouse eats and stays at the Camp with you:
  • See the previous question about couples accommodations.
  • The fee is $70, our per-person cost for meals + facilities. (No handouts, classes, shirt, patch, ...)
  • How to register and pay? (There is no configured option in our registration system for this.) Please add a note in your registration, and pay when you check in at the conference.
  • Spouses staying/eating at the Camp must check in and will also need a completed medical form.
Q:Can I bring my whole family?
A: Please don't bring your children to the conference since there are not any activities available for them.
A recommendation would be to stay in town. Your spouse and children should be able to find plenty to do in the Salt Lake City area while you are at the conference.

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