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Submit Courses for Our Training Calendar

List Your Training Course

Council Outdoor Ethics Advocates are encouraged to submit their council's OE training courses for listing on our training calendars:
  • BSA Leave No Trace Trainer
  • BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator
  • Tread Trainer or Tread Master Trainer
  • (We're not listing LNT 101, awareness workshops, or events/activities at this time.)
Please email the following information to your Region contact (see links below):
  • Include something descriptive in the Subject or first line, such as "Please add our BSA LNT Trainer course to the outdoorethics-bsa.org Western region calendar"
  • Type of Course
  • Dates
  • Location, including State
  • Link to your flyer and/or online registration/info
  • For ME Courses - what is the emphasis of your field experience? Eg Backpacking, Frontcountry, ...
  • Contact person with email and/or phone
  • Your name if different from contact person
We organize the courses by Region, so please submit your course to your Region contact: Note - BSA LNT Master Educator courses will be posted on the calendar and on our ME Courses page when we receive the approved application from national.

Region? Area?

The BSA is organized into 4 Regions: Northeastern, Central, Southern and Western
Each Region is divided into multiple Areas, and each Area consists of multiple Councils.
Details: Region/Area/Council maps

Click on your Council on our COEA contact page. The result will also show your Area and Region.

Notes for Region Contacts

Access Setup

We're using embedded Google calendars for our website calendar. There are 3 sub-calendars for each Region - BSA LNT ME courses, BSA LNT Trainer courses and Tread courses. The designated contact for each Regions is given access to his/her region's calendars (send the webmaster your google account name, ie typically something like johndoe13@gmail.com).

Adding Events

When you bring up your Google calendar in your web browser and login to your google account (if not already logged in), you will see these Region calendars in your calendars list. When you add calendar events, you can choose to put the events in these Region calendars.
When you add events to your Region's calendars:
  • For the Event Name, use the course and State:
    • BSA LNT Trainer - Colorado
    • or BSA LNT Trainer - CO
  • Use the Where field for the location
  • Choose the appropriate sub-calendar so filtering by type and region will work:
    • BSAOE xR LNT Trainer - Trainer Courses
    • BSAOE xR Tread - Tread Lightly Trainer and Master Trainer courses
    • BSAOE xR LNT ME - ME Courses (webmaster adds these when course is approved)
  • Use the Google Event Description field for Details and LINKS (html link format):
    • Example: <a href="http://www.LongsPeakBSA.org/conservation/LNT/courses.html">Info and Registration</a>
      <a href="mailto:meh@LPBroadband.net">Contact</a>
  • For events which are split, such as ME courses split across two weekends, here is how to set them up so they will list correctly in our Upcoming Events listing:
    • Create a new Event and set the start and end dates for the first weekend.
    • Select the Repeat checkbox, and use the popup menu to create the 2nd part of the event. For example, for an ME course with the weekends 2 weeks apart:
      • Select Weekly in the dropdown
      • Every 2 weeks
      • Ends after 2 occurences
      • [ Done ]
    • Select the appropriate sub-calendar, setup links to flyers, etc. Save the event.
    • If the 2nd part isn't the same duration as the first (eg the 1st weekend is 3 days and 2nd weekend is 4 days):
      • Click on the 2nd event in the calendar and select [ Edit event ]
      • Adjust the dates and Save

Questions? Issues? Need a place to post a Flyer?

Contact the webmaster.

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