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BSA Outdoor Ethics Task Force

Dave O'Learydaveol@earthlink.net
301 580-8673
Task Force Chair
Eric Hiserehiser.BSA@gmail.com
480 505-3927
Past TF Chair
Charlie Thorpecharliethorpe@att.net
256 698-7898
ME Course Coordinator
Toby Greengreentoby58@gmail.com
847 845-6145
Central Region OE Coordinator
Griff Danheimgriff.danheim@danheimgroup.com
713 560-0047
Southern Region OE Coordinator
Paula Boothtowonuni@aol.comWestern Region OE Coordinator
Marshall Bergersrteleman@gmail.comNortheastern Region OE Coordinator
Dr. Jeff Marionjmarion@vt.edu
540 231-6603
Recreation Ecologist
Dan HowellsME Lead Instructor Development, Training Materials
Shawn Spencercubpack255@hotmail.com
646 643-9552
Cub Scout & Urban
Dave Downingdowning1@airmail.net
214 674-8669
Leave No Trace Training Resource
Scott Andersonscottanderson@att.net
908 456-4135
Instructor Development, 2017 BSA Jamboree
Mark Hammermeh@LPBroadband.net
970 669-1034
OutdoorEthics-BSA.org webmaster
Frank ReigelmanFrank.Reigelman@scouting.orgStaff liaison for the Outdoor Programs committee
John Stewart

OE Task Force October 2016
BSA Outdoor Ethics Task Force - October 2016
(not pictured - Griff Danheim, Frank Reigelman, John Stewart)

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