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Midnight Sun Council - #696

Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate
This council doesn't have an Outdoor Ethics Advocate
Area Outdoor Ethics Advocate for Area 1 - WR
Erik Lund 208 381-0111 elundboise@gmail.com
Outdoor Ethics Coordinator for the Western Region - WR
Paula Boothe * towonuni@aol.com

Region? Area?

The BSA is organized into 4 Regions: Northeastern, Central, Southern and Western.
Each Region is divided into multiple Areas, and each Area consists of multiple Councils.

Details: Region/Area/Council maps

Leave No Trace Master Educators in Midnight Sun Council

Collin Cogley Fairbanks * ccogley@blm.gov
Michelle Crismore Fairbanks * *
George Ferree Fairbanks * *
William Hedges Fairbanks * willaim_hedges@yahoo.com
Neil Magnuson Fairbanks * *
Cory Roegner Fairbanks * *
Jacob Van Veldhuizen Fairbanks * *


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