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2017 National Jamboree Hornaday Coins

Hornaday Coin

Hello All -

We have once again offered to distribute surplus wooden Jamboree Hornaday "coins" to Scouting folks. These wooden coins were produced for the Jamboree Hornaday exhibit and are shown beside a quarter as size comparison in the adjacent picture.

I am pleased to help with this distribution because I have long felt that the Hornaday system of awards is important to both our conservation and ideals/values efforts in Scouting. I have a strong hunch that using these coins in the right ways can potentially help both Scouts and Scouters become better aware of these key awards.

We ended up with a similar size box of these Hornaday coins after the 2013 Jamboree and all were scooped up by our Scouting outdoor ethics community. At that time we distributed the coins using the small USPS flat-rate boxes that can hold up to 240 coins (+/- a few, depending on how good I am at packing that day <g>).

This time around we can certainly use the small flat rate boxes again for our Hornaday Advisors and others who want to use a lot of coins to help reach a lot of potential awardees. I am also willing to find a way to ship just a few coins to folks who want to put them to work on their training display tables.

The coins themselves are free to all who can put them to good use. We made quite a few coin shipments in 2013 that added up to a fair amount of shipping $, so we are asking everyone to cover the costs of shipping your coins from north Alabama to wherever you want them shipped. PayPall or check will work fine - we can sort it out when you email me.

Email me at charliethorpe@att.net to let me know that you want some coins…having it in writing helps me keep the orders straight!

We unfortunately lost a corporate sponsor right before the Jamboree that we were counting on for printing some of our Jamboree outdoor ethics exhibit banners/posters. We had no time to prospect for other sponsors and ended up having to go to an outside printer, causing us to go into the red on our expenses. We are passing the hat to help cover these surprise costs (BIG thanks to all who helped by purchasing our exhibit staff patches!) - any extra $ you might want to add along with your shipping costs for your coins will be VERY cheerfully tossed into that Jamboree (OE staff) hat.

Let's get you the right amount of these wooden coins to help spread the word in your area about the important Hornaday Awards!

Trace No Leaves,

- Charlie

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