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2017 National Jamboree Fundraiser

Greetings BSA Outdoor Ethics Friends and Supporters.

BSA Outdoor Ethics is hosting a large interactive exhibit at the 2017 National Jamboree. Our exhibits at the National Jamboree offer us a unique opportunity to share our messaging with a large audience. The exhibit includes an interpretive trail with sections on Impacts, Land Ethic and the Outdoor Code, Leave No Trace, and Tread Lightly!. There will be demonstration areas on Hammock Camping, STEM and Outdoor Ethics, pan fires, human waste disposal, and a Bear Bag toss activity. This year we are expecting 10-15 thousand visitors to our site which is located along the Conservation Trail.

The National Jamboree is quickly approaching and we are in need of funds to help defer the cost of our new pop up tent and the materials needed to print our banners and build our BSA Outdoor Ethics Impact Trail. To raise these funds we are selling our National Jamboree Outdoor Ethics Team patches and hope you will help us by ordering today.

To place an order - print the simple order form below and send payment to:
   Scott Anderson
   791 Lamberts Mill Rd.
   Westfield, NJ 07090

All checks should be made payable to: Scott Anderson
You may choose to send me an email order and pay with PayPal.
I will respond with my PayPal account information.
A full accounting of moneys raised and spent will be sent to all donors.
All orders must be received before July 1, 2017

National Jamboree OE Patches

Simple Order Form

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ItemPriceQuantity Item Total
Outdoor Ethics Team Patch$2.00
Limited Edition Silver Donor Patch$25.00
$50.00 Bundle (1 Silver, 15 Gold)$50.00
$100.00 Bundle (1 Silver, 50 Gold)$100.00
$50.00 Donor (2 Silver, 2 Gold)$50.00
$100.00 Donor (5 Silver, 5 Gold)$100.00

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2017 National Jamboree

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