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BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course Resources

The list of resources below are the key training course definition documents of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force, and the compiled list of resource items referenced by those documents.

* BSA Leave No Trace 101 Course Guide


Key Resources for All Leave No Trace Courses

Course Standards


101 Course Forms and Paperwork

  • Training Attendance Report**
    This is the standard BSA form. Check with your Council on council-specific forms or procedures.
    Submit the Training Attendance Report to your Council Training registrar and to your Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate.
    Training Codes:  Leave No Trace 101: D74

* MS Word Mail Merge forms:
  • Use Edit > Replace All in the template file to update location and date before doing the merge.
  • You can use various data sources -- .xls file, csv file, word document w/ table, database, ... Template uses First and Last data columns. Simple Sample Data File
  • Front and back of the cards are separate documents, since most people will be doing manual 2-sided printing of card stock.

** NOTE for Fillable PDFs: Do not try to enter data in fillable pdf's in your browser window - they will not Save. If you try to save them, you will get the original empty form and your entries will be lost. INSTEAD - save the file to your computer, then select the file to bring it up in Acrobat Reader. You can then enter data, save the file, print, etc.

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