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BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator Course Resources

The list of resources below are the key training course definition documents of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force, and the compiled list of resource items referenced by those documents.

* Master Educator Handbook

* BSA Supplement to the Leave No Trace Master Educator Handbook

* BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course Manual


Key Resources for All Leave No Trace Courses

Course Standards

Presentations and Background Materials by Course Section

Note that many of the Powerpoint presentations include speaker's notes as part of the document. These notes describe key points and additional information to be covered when showing each slide, so please print them and use them.

The slide show can be printed out and used to ensure coverage of the content through other presentation mediums.

Need for Leave No Trace

History of Leave No Trace

Educational Model and the Role and Function of Educators

Personal Leave No Trace Presentations

  • (none)

Cooking / Cleanup

Introduction to the Principles of Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace Principles Sections

  • Leave No Trace Ethics Reference Card (Hangtag)
  • 101 Ways to Teach Leave No Trace
  • BSA Fieldbook
  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Camping Merit Badge pamphlet
  • Venturing Ranger Award Guidebook

Outdoor Ethics

Leave No Trace Resources

Leave No Trace and Large Groups

Leading a Leave No Trace Trainer Course

Teaching Techniques and Learning Styles

Age and Program Appropriate Outdoor Activities

Leave No Trace in BSA Advancement and Awards

Bringing Leave No Trace to Scouting

Sample Leave No Trace Workshop Formats

(Appendix D of Trainer Course Manual)

Other Referenced Materials

  • BSA Leave No Trace (OE) Mug (contact Leave No Trace Center to order)

ME Course Forms and Paperwork

Course Planning

Participant Forms

Lead Instructor will contact participants with course information, including information on these forms and more:

Course Wrap-Up

  • Course Evaluation ** (fixed 10/20/2017)
  • Training Cards and Certificates: Lead Instructor will know how to order these from the National Office.
  • Training Attendance Report**
    This is the standard BSA form. Check with your Council on council-specific forms or procedures.
    Submit the Training Attendance Report to your Council Training registrar and to your Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate.
    Training Codes:  Leave No Trace ME: D79
  • Course Reporting: Lead Instructor will know how to report the course to the BSA OE TF and the Leave No Trace Center.

** NOTE for Fillable PDFs: Do not try to enter data in fillable pdf's in your browser window - they will not Save. If you try to save them, you will get the original empty form and your entries will be lost. INSTEAD - save the file to your computer, then select the file to bring it up in Acrobat Reader. You can then enter data, save the file, print, etc.
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