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BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator Course Application Processes

  1. Council (Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate (COEA) and others) identifies Course Coordinator and Staff Advisor
  2. Course Coordinator works with Council OEA, Region Outdoor Ethics Coordinator (ROEC), and Area Outdoor Ethics Advocate (AOEA, if one exists)
  3. Course Coordinator and Staff Advisor additional planning
    • Weeklong vs two-weekend
    • Identify facilities for classroom and field portions of course
    • Dates
    • Basic format of the field experience (based on the proposed facilities - non-trek primitive, backpacking, paddling)
    • Preliminary budget, per person cost (use Council's budget planning process, plus ME Course Budget Planning Spreadsheet).
    • Identify candidate participants (6 min).
  4. Fill out Request for Authorization to Conduct a BSA-Sponsored Leave No Trace Master Educator Course form
    • Get local council signatures (COEA and Scout Executive)
  5. Scan and Email to course_apps@OutdoorEthics-BSA.org.
  6. Application is reviewed and approved by the Region OEC, the BSA OE Task Force's ME course coordinator, and the National Council Professional Advisor. The Course Coordinator will be contacted if additional details are needed or to resolve any issues.
  7. When the course is approved, a copy of the signed application will be emailed to the Course Coordinator.
  8. The course will be added to the OutdoorEthics-BSA.org website, both in the ME Course listing and the calendar. The course coordinator should notify the webmaster as the following are available/known for the course:
    • Course Flyer (ideally a link to the flyer already posted on the host council's website)
    • Link to online registration and/or webpage for more information
    • Type of field experience(s) offered (backpacking, non-trek primitive, paddling, ...)
  9. The Region OEC works with the OE Task Force's ME course coordinator to assign a Lead Instructor(s) and Co-Instructor(s), and will notify the Course Coordinator.
  10. The Lead Instructor works with the Course Coordinator and Co-Instructors to plan the detailed schedule, equipment, participant communication, ... and to conduct a GREAT course.
  11. The Lead Instructor is primarily responsible for all the post-course reporting.
  12. The Course coordinator is primarily responsible for all the course logistics and post-course financial settlement with the host council and the Leave No Trace Center.

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