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Budget Spreadsheet Instructions

Budget Planning Spreadsheet (Updated 11/1/2016)

  • The budget worksheet has some almost random numbers put into the various black boxes just to help show how the worksheet can be used. Every course needs to put their own council's appropriate numbers into every black box when they fill it out for real.
  • It is STRONGLY suggested that when the initial course budget is used to set the course fee it be based on minimum participants (usually 6). Using maximum participants (usually 12) almost guarantees that the course will go into the red if only the minimum number of participants actually ends up paying their course fee.
  • The worksheet is specifically set up to make it easy to change the number of individuals involved (participants and staff) and then watch how each change affects the bottom line. This comes in really handy as the Leave No Trace materials order is being adjusted to help soak up the extra $ as more participants register.
  • Charlie Thorpe is interested in getting some feedback from worksheet users on how the instructions on the worksheet can be improved to make it more user-friendly. Please contct him at:
    256 698-7898

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