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BSA Outdoor Ethics Training Overview

Outdoor Ethics and Leave No Trace are key components of all core BSA outdoor training programs.

The following specialized courses provide more advanced awareness and skills training, and develop youth and adults capable of effectively teaching these important outdoor skills and ethics.

Course instructors - See our Resources page for all the resources you need to organize, teach, and report your courses.

Finding Courses

* BSA Leave No Trace 101
* Outdoor Ethics Orientation
  • Check your council & district calendars for courses in your area.
  • Contact your Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate who can help find a Leave No Trace Trainer or Master Educator near you.
* BSA Leave No Trace Trainer  
* BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator  
* Tread Trainer & Tread Master Trainer

General BSA Outdoor Ethics:

BSA Outdoor Ethics Orientation
This 1 to 1½ hour class is an overview of the key aspects of BSA's Outdoor Ethics program.
It has been tested in many councils and should be released soon.
See our Resources page for the class Lesson Plan / Instructor Guide.

BSA Leave No Trace Training:

Leave No Trace 101 - Awareness
This 3-4 hour class is designed to help youth and adults at all program levels to understand the general principles of Leave No Trace and how to apply them in the BSA outdoor program.
It is also designed to give adults the confidence to assess youth understanding and skills when signing off on scout rank requirements or Venturing award requirements.
BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course
This 16-hour, overnight course trains adults and youth ages 14 and up to serve as Leave No Trace Trainers.
It is recommended training for the Outdoor Ethics Guide troop junior leadership position.
It is also highly recommended for camp staff, members of the council and district outdoor program and training teams.
BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator Course
This 5 days/nights course is for developing Master Educators who will instruct Leave No Trace Trainer Courses.
For additional details, please see the BSA Outdoor Ethics Training information.

Tread Lightly! Training

* Tread Trainer
The Tread Trainer program is designed to train participants in innovative, practical methods of spreading outdoor ethics to the public with a curriculum specifically focused on motorized and mechanized recreation. Once a participant becomes active in the Tread Trainer program he or she is equipped to present the Tread Lightly! message to other educators, clubs, employees, visitors, enthusiasts or community members.
* Master Tread Trainer
Tread Lightly's Master Tread Trainer course is a two-day course designed to provide an in-depth look at outdoor ethics focusing on motorized and mechanized recreation on both land and water. Participation in the course qualifies individuals to present the Tread Lightly! message consistently to others in their state or region.
For additional details, please see the Tread Lightly Trainer page.

Basic Online Training

Online Awareness Courses:
* Leave No Trace
* Tread Lightly!
These are required for the Outdoor Ethics Awareness Awards.

Courses for Cub Scouts:
* Leave No Trace for Kids
* Tread Lightly! For Kids

Other Outdoor Ethics Training

* Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate Training
These trainings provide guidance to council professional staff and volunteers on implementing BSA's Outdoor Ethics programs in the local council. They are particularly designed for individuals currently serving as a council Outdoor Ethics Advocate or interested in serving in that position.
They are instructed by members of the BSA Outdoor Ethics Task Force and successful council outdoor ethics advocates.
* Applying Outdoor Ethics in Your Unit, District and Council
* Outdoor Ethics Advocate Workshop
  • The Summit - John D. Tickle National Training Center
  • 2017 Course Dates: June 18-24
  • More information

Other BSA Instructor Training

Finding Courses

* Fundamentals of Training
* Trainer's EDGE
  • Check your council training calendar or contact your Council Training Committee for courses in your area.

* T-Cubed - Train the Trainer
  • The Strategic Training Plan course is taught at one of the BSA's national volunteer training centers or a regional "cluster council" course.
The first two classes of BSA's three-part Train-the-Trainer continuum (T-Cubed or T3) are aimed at improving your teaching skills.
* The Fundamentals of Training
This class, intended for both youth and adult trainers, introduces new Scouting trainers to effective teaching techniques and skills, as well as providing a refresher for experienced trainers.
* Trainer's EDGE
This next level class, intended for both youth and adult trainers, is required training for Wood Badge and NYLT staffs. It is also for any Scouter who works in a training capacity with Unit Leaders, District Leaders and Council Leaders.
* The Strategic Training Plan (formerly Master Trainer)
The third part of the continuum is the Strategic Training Plan course which "focuses on developing the skills needed to manage a council or district training program, as well as the skills needed to identify and develop training team members."

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