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Outdoor Ethics Guide - Junior Leadership Position

OE Guide Handbook* OE Guide Handbook
The new Outdoor Ethics Guide Handbook was released on Sept 12th!
It is available online as webpages or pdf.
The Handbook also includes a chapter for the Outdoor Ethics Guide Advisor.

Outdoor Ethics Guide

  • The outdoor ethics guide helps the troop plan and conduct an outdoor program that emphasizes effectively practicing the principles of outdoor ethics.
  • The guide works to help Scouts improve their outdoor ethics decision-making skills to minimize impacts as they participate in outdoor activities.
  • He supports Scouts who are working to complete the relevant requirements for the Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks.

-- Boy Scout Handbook, 13th Edition, p 423

* Training?

Basic Online Training

There is no required training for the Outdoor Ethics Guide position, but the following trainings and resources are recommended:

* Troop Leave No Trace Trainer Change to Troop Outdoor Ethics Guide

For more information on the change from the Leave No Trace Trainer junior leadership position to the Outdoor Ethics Guide, please see the January 2016 Scoutcast (scroll down to January's ScoutCast) for the discussion with Dave O'Leary, chair of the BSA's Outdoor Ethics Task Force.

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