Outdoor Ethics Patch and Pictures

Training Promotion Guidelines

Let's get it right! Make sure your training materials are up-to-date.

Common Mistakes

Here are some mistakes commonly seen in training flyers, websites, and topic presentations:
* Using "certified" or "certification" in reference to a Leave No Trace Trainer or Master Educator Course.
The word "certification" carries with it many legal implications that the Center has chosen to avoid.
(More information and suggested alternate wording)
* Using old Leave No Trace Center Logos
Per the Leave No Trace Center's Brand Standards Guide, please make sure all your Leave No Trace course promotional materials, teaching aids, etc use the correct/current Center logos!
Use this: Leave No Trace Logo
Not these: No Old Logo No Older Logo No Off-Color Logo
Note that there are some off-color (not obscene, just the wrong green) current logos around, even on the Center's website.
See our Logos page for easy to copy BSA Outdoor Ethics, Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! logo graphics in a variety of sizes.
Also - don't warp/stretch the logo, and leave the specified whitespace around it.
* Using the old Leave No Trace Center Mission statement
It changed a few years ago. This is current (see https://lnt.org/about):
Mission: To protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.
* References to Leave No Trace Trainer position of responsibility.
There is no longer a Leave No Trace Trainer position of responsibility, as of Jan 1, 2016.
The new Outdoor Ethics Guide position does not require the Leave No trace Trainer course (or any other training).
* Combining Leave No Trace Trainer and Tread Lightly Trainer in one course.
Both the Leave No Trace Center and Tread Lightly! have requested that we keep their training clearly separated from other trainings.
Specific requirements for separating these are being developed. For now it is suggested that they be advertised as separate, held on different dates or as separate sections of a training event, and have separate registrations.
* Using the LNT abbreviation.
Per the Leave No Trace Center's Brand Standards Guide, always write it out as Leave No Trace - do not use LNT (except when referring to the LNT.org website).
* Using TREAD Lightly! or Tread Lightly
Per the Tread Lightly! Graphics Standards (no longer available online?), the specified usage in text is Tread Lightly!
In text, Tread Lightly! begins with a capital "T" and "L." ... Always be sure to include the exclamation mark at the end - "Tread Lightly!"
* Obsolete Older Patches
Don't Use These: Old Red OE Patch Old Cub LNT Patch Old Trainer or ME Patch Troop LNT Trainer
See our Logos page for the current patch graphics.

Yes - we know that not all the information on this website is up to these standards yet, but we're working on it. If you come across something - let us know. Thanks!

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